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Welcome to my .NET wiki.  My goal is to keep a repository of .NET knowledge as I collect it.  I will remain terse and on-topic!*


Getting Started

http://www.microsoft.com/express/default.aspx - "Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions"

http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page - "cross platform, open source .NET development framework"

http://www.icsharpcode.net - "Open Source Projects for the .NET Platform"


.NET Resources

http://www.koders.com - "1 billion lines of code and counting"

http://www.codeproject.com - "your development resource"

http://visualstudiomagazine.com - "enterprise solutions for .NET developers"

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspx - "microsoft development network"

More Resources


.NET Books

Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 2005: The Language

Programming WPF (2nd Edition)

Accelerated Silverlight 3

Advanced .NET Debugging


.NET Topics

Visual Studio 9.0

ASP.NET - ASCX and ASPX specific information

DateTime - Date and Time format and localization options

WWF - Windows Workflow Foundation

WPF  - Windows Presentation Foundation

WCF - Windows Communication Foundation

Silverlight  - Windows

XAML  - Windows

SQL Server - .NET integration with SQL Server

LINQ - Language-Integrated Query

.NET Code Snippets, Javascript Snippets

.NET Utilities - Every *.exe in Windows.NET

.NET Configuration Files - App.Config

WiX - Windows Installer XML


.NET Debugging Tools

Network Related Tools




My Code Snippets

My Utilities

My How To

My References

My Word


Related Technologies

WSDL, XSD, XSL - XML related technologies

Javascript, CSS, HTML, VML - Browser related technologies


Questions? Click here to get help.

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